Together with O2Jam

50 million asians enjoy O2Jam IP
With more than 1000+ sound sources

The market is tough, even if we start from the same line.
Nevertheless, MOMO is fortunate with better environment and resource.

We don't focus only on rythem games.
We are just the beginning of delightful pleasure.

We are globalizing.

There are hundreds of developers with passion and skills.
Yet the marketplace is too small to achieve their dream.

It takes time, it's not easy.
but if either way is same, we determine to focus global.

Rather than speed,
Perfection and creativity is what we claim for

For the people

Good games by good people

Our dream to head global. 
Creating a joyful environment is our priority.
Momo will invest to the passion

Like pondering to discover the fun elements user find in game,
Representatives will always ponder for the better environment.

  • 3,6,9 Scheme

    Each quarter new employees will negotiate anual salary to compensate their skill enhancement. (Every 6 month for experienced)

  • Focused on game development capability

    Regardless of background, we hire who are capable in making the game.

  • 90 minutes lunch time

    90 minute break time including lunch break